Welcome to the 2019 Science of Learning Partnership Initiative

Dear Principals & School Leaders,

Welcome to the Science of Learning Partnership Initiative. We here at the Science of Learning Centre at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE), are looking forward to working with you and your teachers in 2019. My name is Luke Mandouit, and I work together with Professor John Hattie and Dr. Irina Grossman to lead the Partnership Initiative.

The goal of this Initiative is to bridge the gap between researchers and practice to improve student outcomes in schools. This is achieved by making authentic connections between research and practice, and by enabling teachers and school leaders to collaborate with academic staff at the University of Melbourne, and with other like-minded schools. In 2019 this Partnership Initiative will consist of a range of rural and metropolitan Primary and Secondary schools, drawn from Government, Independent, and Catholic systems. This is the Partnership Initiative’s third year running, and it has been led from the outset by John Hattie, who extends his welcome below:

In 2019 we in the Science of Learning Partnership Initiative are focusing on student agency. I know this is a hot topic not only here in Victoria, but also around the world, and the key is to be clear what we mean by student agency and explore the implications of agency on the learning lives of students. The Science of Learning (SoL) Hub here at the University of Melbourne has a vigorous research focus on the many aspects of agency that we aim to explore with you – such as: developing assessment capable students; teaching students multiple learning strategies; helping students receive, understand and use feedback; working with students to evaluate the impact of teaching; and, student capacity to self-regulate.

We have a great team led by Luke and Irina, and a new appointment coming in June to join the team (more on this later). Additionally, we have many experts here in the SoL team, at MGSE, and across the University; and, we work closely with our University of Queensland and ACER partners. I am personally committed to ensuring 2019 will be a high impact year for you and your students, and look forward to working with you all.” – John Hattie

In January we will be releasing the full schedule for the Partnership Initiative; however, please note that the first full day intensive and launch of the 2019 Partnership Initiative will take place on: Monday 25th February (exact details to follow).

In the interim, you will receive some correspondence from our admin team regarding invoicing, and please continue to stay in touch with me regarding details of the 2019 Partnership Initiative.