The Feedback Rich School

Establishing effective two-way feedback between teachers and students is one of the most powerful tools in education.

Two way feedback requires teachers to

  1. Determine what the student knows
  2. Provide students with specific instructions about how to advance from where they are to where they need to be, in small, manageable steps.
  3. Assess the impact of your instructions

If you choose to participate in this project then you will work collaboratively with other teachers to improve the quality of feedback in your classrooms and assess the effectiveness of your interventions.

To help you we have provided you with the presentations from the Program Launch and the first evening forum as well as several starter references.

Program Presentations

Launch Presentation

Forum 1 Presentation

Starter References

  1.  Analysis of New Zealand primary and secondary student peer-and self-assessment comments: Applying Hattie and Timperley’s feedback model
  2. The Power of Feedback
  3. A scholarly approach to solving the feedback dilemma in practice