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The Pen Principles

A set of educational resources created to provide information and spark conversations.  The PEN stands for Psychology, Education and Neuroscience, which is reflective of the multi-disciplinary creators of the resource at the Science of Learning Centre.

For more information, visit the Science of Learning Research Centre Website.

PEN #1:
Written Text and
Spoken Word Don’t Mix
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Pen #2
Visual Images and
Spoken Word Mix Well
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Pen #3
Spatial Predictability
Guides Attention
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PEN #4
Spacing-Out Practice
Enhances Memory
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Pen #5
Leverage Context
According to Outcome
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Pen #6
Multitasking Impairs
Memory & Learning
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PEN #7
Mix-Up Practice Tasks
to Boost Performance
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Pen #8
Embrace Error
to Improve Learning
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Pen #9
Active Recall Trumps
Passive Review
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PEN #10
First Impressions Colour
Future Judgement
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Pen #11
Find the Story Behind the
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Pen #12
Pre-Activate Strategies to
guide Learning
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