Open Access Journals

This page lists open access journals and open access articles in paid journals.

Open Access Education Journals

The following table lists excellent open source, peer-reviewed journals which provide original research, reviews and opinion pieces on the latest education research.  Open access journals provide their content freely, without requiring payment or registration.

JournalDescriptionTopics/disciplines include:
Npj| Science of LearningA nature partner journal focusing on Science of Learning Research. The journal draws on the expertise of neuroscientists, psychologists and education researchers; connecting teachers and policy makers with experts and the latest research.• Education Policy
• Learning Environments
• Sleep and memory
• Emotions and Learning
• Translating research to the classroom
• Language and Literacy Development
• Learning Theory
• Memory consolidation
Frontiers in EducationAn open source journal focusing on research-based approaches to education.• Assessment, Testing and Applied Measurement
• Digital Education
• Digital Scholarship
• Education Psychology
• Leadership in Education
• Special Education
• STEM Education
• Teacher Education
AERA OpenA journal published by the American Educational Research Association
Education which aims for the rapid review and dissemination of empirical studies related to learning research.

Articles can focus on education and learning in any context, including
early childhood education, primary education, secondary education, after-school, post-secondary education and lifelong learning.
• Psychology
• Economics
• Neuroscience
• Anthropology
• Sociology


Open Access Articles in paid Education Journals

Access to most scholarly journals is limited to university-based researchers with access to online libraries.  However, many of these journals have begun to offer some open access content.  Links to the open access content from some good journals are listed in the table below.

JournalDescriptionTopics/disciplines include:
Teaching and Teacher EducationThe journal covers matters of international concern related to teachers, teaching and teacher education. • Teachers
• Teaching
• Teacher education
Higher EducationA leading journal devoted to matters in higher education, including analyses of developments, issues related to students, teachers, planning and administration.• Developments in higher education institutions
• Analyses of developments
• Higher Educational planning and administration
• Teachers
• Students
Studies in Higher EducationA journal published by the UK-based Society for Research into Higher Education which focuses on issues in higher education.• Higher Education Policy
• Teaching and Learning
• Institutional management and performance
• Higher education’s contribution to society and the economy