Network Schedule 2019

Network Schedule 2019

The key dates for the program are listed here.

Please note that additionally to the program dates listed in the table below, your school will also be provided with includes both set dates (Table 1) and dates which will be negotiated individually with each school (Table 2).

Table 1. SOLC Network dates at The University of Melbourne


Time FrameSessionDetails VenueResources
Term One: 29th January – 5th April
Monday 25th February Network Launch /Full Day Intensive 1SOLC Network
University College, 40 College Cres., Parkville - SOLC Seminar 25th February Agenda
- Prof. John Hattie's Presentation on Student Agency

Resources from Tom Cain and Luke Mandouit's workshop on student voice:
- Tom Cain's Presentation on Student Voice in Schools
- Jigsaw resources
- Grouping Cards
- Self-Assessment and Improvement Tool
- Graphic Organiser

We would also appreciate if you could provide us with feedback by following this link to a google form survey.
Thursday 14th MarchKeynoteOnlineSophie Murphy's presentation on Student Voice
Wednesday 20th MarchEvening Forum 1 (2 hours)Online
Term Two: 23rd April - 28th June
Tuesday 7th MayFull Day Intensive 2University College, 40 College Cres., Parkville - The Seminar Agenda
- Dr Stephanie MacMahon's presentation slides: Don’t get lost in Translation: Closing the research – practice gap
Thursday 30th MayEvening Forum 2
(2 hours)
OnlinePlease follow the link to access the Google Form: Planning a pilot program in using Student Voice
Tuesday 18th JuneKeynoteOnlineDr Kathryn Coleman's presentation on using digital and visual methods to enhance student voice, agency and leadership
Term Three: 15th July – 20th September
Thursday 1st AugustFull Day Intensive 3TBCFull Day Intensive 3 Agenda

Georgia Dawson's Presentation (PDF)
Monday 19th AugustKeynoteOnlineThe 3H Strategy Resource
Thursday 12th SeptemberEvening Forum 3
Term Four: 7th October – 20th December
Wednesday 30th OctoberKeynoteOnlineAccess our series of blogs and videos on metacognition, self-regulated learning, and student voice here.
Tuesday 26th NovemberEvening Forum 4 (2 hours)OnlinePresentation Slides
Poster Template (PPTX download)
Thursday 5th December Full Day Intensive 4 University College, 40 College Cres., ParkvillePoster Template (PPTX download; same as above)


Table 2. Dates by negotiation with each school

Time FrameSessionDetails Venue
To be negotiated with school
(Semester One)
School Leadership Coaching 1Researcher coaching / supporting leaders of the in-school initiativeOnsite in schools
To be negotiated with school
(Semester Two)
School Leadership Coaching 2Researcher coaching / supporting leaders of the in-school initiativeOnsite in schools
To be negotiated with school. May occur at the start of the program, or at the end to report outcomesWhole Staff Presentation / PL Session Researcher presenting in partnership with school teamOnsite in schools