Keynote Address – Gavin Murphy

Reflections and Possibilities: ‘So How Was School Today?'

by MGSE: Science of Learning Centre’s Lecture Series

Presenter: Gavin Murphy, University College Dublin

Date and Time: 3:45 pm – 4:45pm Wednesday 5th September

Location: Level 9, 100 Leicester Street, University of Melbourne, Carlton Victoria


In this talk, Gavin will speak about: ‘So How Was School Today?’; a study into student perceptions of education, and experiences in schools. Funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, and the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland, this report presents the findings from a survey of 3,242 Secondary school students about how they’re taught and how they learn. Gavin will present the report’s background and its findings, and what we can learn – particularly from a school leadership perspective – as a result of this student led survey. To conclude, challenges and possibilities for practice from research in this area will be outlined and raised for discussion, particularly in the context of the Victorian Department of Education’s Amplify publication regarding student voice and agency.

About the Speaker

Gavin Murphy is a Research Scholar at University College Dublin’s (UCD) School of Education, where he is a member of the ‘Leading, Teaching, Learning’ research cluster. Working in both initial teacher and educational leadership, Gavin has also contributed to Ireland’s national Postgraduate Diploma in School Leadership in collaboration with two other Irish universities. Gavin has presented research on the interrelationship between research on student voice and participation and educational leadership, and argues for the necessity to interlink these research agendas within the school improvement research tradition. Most recently he has also published on teachers’ experiences of the leadership of school self-evaluation. Gavin is currently visiting the Melbourne Graduate School of Education as an Australia Awards Endeavour Research Fellow. His current research examines school leadership preparation and development, comparing Victorian policy on, and school leaders’ perceptions about, their preparation and development, with school leaders in the Republic of Ireland.