Strategy 3: Self Regulation and Engagement

There is a strong link in the research between self-regulation and student academic achievement in schools. Self-regulation extends beyond the walls of a classroom and provides students with the strategies to be life-long learners.

This translation focus will help teachers move their thinking toward authentic and rich learning experiences using cognitive engagement of students through self-regulated learning strategies.

To help you start we have provided you with the presentation from the Launch and a range of starter references, including videos and research articles.

Launch Presentation



Starter References

  1. High performing students regulate their own learning
  2. A Review of Self-regulated Learning: Six Models and Four Directions for Research
  3. Learners for life – OECD
  4. Pen principle 8: Embrace errors to improve learning
  5. Youtube: Self-regulation skills: Why they are fundamental.
  6. Encourage SRL in the classroom: A review of the literature
  7. Metacognition in the classroom
  8. The Self-Regulation Module by the University of Connecticut