1/5: Forum 2

Forum 2 will be held:
Tuesday 1st May, 4:30pm – 6:30pm. Level 9, 100 Leicester Street, Carlton.
Schools will once again have the opportunity to dial in if required (details to follow).

As we come to the end of the ‘diagnosis’ phase, the focus of this session will be to:

  • Consider your reflections, questions, and decisions as a result of this process
  • Share your journey thus far with other Partnership schools

Based on this, we have provided you with a few prompts below, which we would like you to consider in preparation for the Forum.

If you would like, you can formalise these responses using PowerPoint or Word, then we can share your screen with the rest of the attendees and you can speak to the visuals. A more informal presentation of these points is also fine. Please note that this is a snapshot of where you are currently at, there is no expectation that all data has been collected or analysed.

What was the focus area your team identified at the start of the program?

  •  Please reflect on the data that you have collected
              o  What data did you already have?
              o  What further data did you collect, and how did you gather it?
              o  What themes / patterns / insights emerged in this process?
  •  Based on this process of ‘diagnosis’, have you identified a need? Please describe it.
  •  What do you plan to do next? This may involve:
               o  Do you have any questions remaining that you need to gather data on?
               o  Early considerations of potential interventions / responses
  • What support do you need moving forward?

In preparation for the forum, can you please indicate if you will be attending in person, or remotely.
If attending in person, please let us know your numbers so we can cater accordingly.