Follow up from the Second Evening Forum

Dear Partners,
Firstly, thank you to you and your teams for your involvement and contributions last night. As an external observer and supporter, it has been very exciting to see your respective teams engage in the process of ‘diagnosis’, and the patterns and insights that have emerged. In addition to you learning from researchers in the centre, and us learning from you; we also want you to share and learn from each other. A key goal of last night’s Forum was to give you all a voice to share your journey thus far, and in doing so hopefully push each others thinking in new directions. In the weeks leading towards the full PL day, you will be gathering final points of evidence for any questions that remain unanswered, and hopefully last night’s engagement with other Partnership schools will help support that work.
In wrapping up the synthesis of these discussion points, we are still waiting to received documentation back from a few of you. It doesn’t have to be using the Google Doc, but if you could send us something covering:
  • Summary of the key points you spoke to; with references to specific data (figures included if possible)
  • Your ‘Needs Statement’
Once your teams finish developing these statements, please email to Irina, at: 
Full Day Intensive: Wednesday 23rd May
Details for the full PL Day (23/5) will be released in the coming weeks, and as discussed last night this day will see us shift our thinking into the ‘Intervention’ & ‘Implementation’ phase. In preparation for this, you will want to have a clear, evidenced based understanding of what is happening in your focus areas. If you need support in refining this over the the coming weeks please let me know and we can book a time to discuss. 
Evening Forum (Keynote): Wednesday 20th June
Also discussed was the upcoming Evening Forum Keynote with Aisling Mulvill from University of Queensland, on: Attention and Executive Functioning for Self-Regulated Learning. At this point we have a lecture theatre booked, but understand that most of you will view remotely if watching with the entire staff. Based on this, we are seeking feedback on the most appropriate time – if you could please indicate preferences here: 
Current thinking is that this will be an hour long presentation from Aisling, and we will provide you with some cues / prompts / resources in which to support staff practice moving forward from this point. Following this we can include time for a discussion with Aisling, but this will depend on time, and the amount of schools who are attending in person. So we will assess this once we have gather your feedback on when to schedule. 
Great to see you all again yesterday, and look forward to talking to you all soon.