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About Us

The purpose of the  Science of Learning School’s Partnership Initiative  is to translate and disseminate proven learning science research into pedagogical practice. It is being developed and run by researchers at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s (MGSE) Science of Learning Research Centre, which brings together neuroscientists, psychologists and education researchers to develop tools, strategies and policies to improve educational outcomes. This project brings together Melbourne University researchers with teachers and school leaders with the aim to:

  • Facilitate engagement and collaboration between researchers, teachers and school leaders.
  • Lead schools in the diagnosis of what is currently happening in their schools, and support them in developing and evaluating school-specific research based interventions to improve these areas.
  • Develop the capacity for school leaders and teachers to develop a clinical approach to teaching, in accordance with the MGSE model of Clinical Practice. This will develop their capacity to diagnose, intervene, implement, and evaluate, in working towards improving educational outcomes.