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Updated SOLC Partnership Network Schedule & Feedback Diagnostic Tools

Dear school leaders,

I hope this post finds you all well as term one draws to a close. Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of visiting or chatting remotely to many of you and your teams. It’s such a positive part of the role to see the fantastic work you are all doing in your respective spaces, and the impact you are having with your students. So a big thank you for opening your doors and sharing your work so far.

It’s quite an exciting time as you begin to consider what is currently happening in your schools, and as you begin to gather data to support your diagnosis with your teams.

Based on this I have provided you with a spreadsheet that may assist the schools engaging with a translation focus on feedback. On this spreadsheet you will find several tools:

  • Student perceptions of feedback practices: This has a range of measures to diagnose the current level and frequency of feedback practices in your school, and to help in considering the where to next for you and your teams
  • Teacher reflection tool: How do our teachers use feedback? And, how does it inform their practice? This tool will help answer these questions
  • Observation Checklist: With many of you I discussed the environmental conditions that support feedback practices and this checklist will support reflections during learning walks and in planning. I would be explicit if using these, and share these pre-conditions with your teachers
  • Feedback coding framework: Some schools have started with considering how teaching staff conceptualise ‘feedback’, with staff individually responding to this question using post-it notes, or ‘tweet’ activities. This coding scale will assist you in quantifying the overall staff conception of feedback by allocating frequencies to a number of keywords. In doing this, you may need to interpret and classify responses accordingly.
  • Note: You may have similar tools already in place, or choose to modify / alter these. What is important however that you have some sort of measure for what is happening. We will use the same measure post-intervention to evaluate our impact.

Please click the following link for the updated Partnership Schedule. This includes a change from ANZAC Day Eve for the next Evening Forum. And a consideration of Evening Forum dates based on the evolving nature of your translation foci. Please remember all resources and communications are documented on the website:

Look forward to chatting to you all again soon, and as always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you would like to discuss.